Washing Machine Filter | Water Softener + Filtration| Prevents fading of clothes | Removes Limescales & Reduces Hardness


  • Apras filter protects your washing machine, just like how a water purifier protects you from harmful chemicals.
  • Apras filter secures your washing machine from lime scales caused by hard-water and other impurities using high grade polyphosphate crystals.
  • Apras filter reduces the effect of lime scales on your dresses. Thus, retaining its colour and softness!
  • Prevention is better than cure! A typical service/repair of your washing machine cost you, maybe more than that. Invest in protective measures. Experts suggest that water quality worsens day by day!!
  • Apras fits automatic washing machines. Easy to install – no tools required.
  • Long cartridge life- top load: up to 6 months; front load: up to 9 months; material: Polycarbonate plastic; Package Content: 1 Washing Machine Filter,User Manual

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  • Protect your washing machine. If you live in an area where water hardness is high, a washing machine filter is an absolute necessity. Continued exposure to hard water results in limescale buildup inside your washing machine, affecting the heating coil and drum. Over time, this results in breakdowns and maintenance requirements, reducing the life of the washing machine. If you think the effects of hard water stop there, think again. Your favorite Egyptian cotton shirt feels a stiff and dull after a wash the satin bed spread feels a bit rough on your skin: hard-water salts are the likely suspect. Hardness in water is caused by mineral salts – mostly calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). The mineral salts react with soap / detergent to form an insoluble precipitate known as soap film. This results in poor wash, and these salts stick to fabric making clothes look dull and leaving them stiff rough.


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