Fully Automatic Drip Irrigation Garden Watering Kit- 30 plant


  • Automatic Timer
  • Flexible PVC 6 MM Tube
  • Leakproof Connectors
  • Easy Punch Gun
  • 2 Types of Dripper
  • High-Quality Plastic components

Included Components: 

16 mm Supply Line, 6 mm Feeder Line, 4LPH Dripper, Adjustable Dripper, 6mm pin connector, Emitter Stakes, Dummies, T Connector, Straight Connector, Elbow Connector, Straight Connector with Tap, End Cap, Water Tap Connector, Hole Puncher, Teflon Tap, 6mm T connector, Installation Manual

drip irrigation kits are upgraded. The irrigation tubing is made from better quality. Plants drip irrigation systems can reduce water usage by up to 70% compared to manual watering. The precision watering system delivers just the right amount of water slowly and precisely right where your plant needs it – at the root zone. The water flow of each drip emitter head can be individually adjusted, allowing setting each plant to receive its customized watering according to its precise needs. Perfect for decks, patios, greenhouses, gardens, lawns, etc


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