1″ Y Type Disc Filter


Flow Capacity: 05m3/Hr
Size: 1 Inch or 25mm
Degree Of Filtration: 130 Microns
Can be useful for Drip Irrigation, Overhead Water Tank, Home Water Tank, Blower, Swimming Pool, Rainwater Harvesting.
Made In India

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• Filters all dirt, algae, mud, impurities
• Cartridge Made of Non-Corrosive Stainless Steel / Plastic Discs
• Outer body made of special Polymers to avoid Disintegration in sunlight
• Prevents clogging of RO system, pipeline, taps and bathroom fitting
• increasing life of pipe and other bathroom and sanitary fitting.

  • 6 Months Warranty on Registrations | Customer care : +91- 7066084030 | Package Contents:1- 1 INCH Y Type Disc Filter For Water Tank , Drip Irrigation Kit ; Material: Plastic, Color:Black
  • Type of Product: Disc Filter. Thread : BSP, Valve Inlet : 25 mm( 1 Inch) ; Filtration Level: 130 micron
  • Y-Type Apras Disc filter is very useful device to prevent passage of sand,debris & such particles to sanitary fixtures.;Cartridge made from non-corrosive stainless steel.Outer body made of special polymers to avoid disintegration in sunlight
  • It protects Damage of internal parts of taps, concealed & open flush tank, washing machine, flush cock, divertor ETC..; it increase the life of R.O. System by preforming pre-filtration. Similarly it increases the life of sanitary fittings & Fixtures.
  • Apras Disc filter/water tank filter helps in filtration of debris & impurities up to 130 MICRON , which gets collected in the overhead tank. As almost no part replacement required. so, it’s free from external maintenance.



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